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>> Rental:

  • Trimobil velo Taxi & family pedelec trike for tourism & rentals
  • Official pink Lubeck Holstein tourism marketing Trimobil rikshaw trike
  • Trimobil rikshaw family pedelec tandem trike with advertising flags
  • Trimobil pedelec rikshaw cargo trike for wedding ceremony and other events
  • Trimobil cargo-trike e-bike & beer POS Salesbike

Trimobil rental business & business rentals

Currently we are building up a worldwide network of Trimobil rental outlets.

Rental partners such as bicycle dealers and distributors, taxi & marketing  agencies, tourism associations, spas and rehabilitation centers, as well as  dedicated busines startups get the opportunity to offer their Trimobile trikes for sightseeing, tourism, events and promotions. Based on its exciting riding pleasure, positive image and and advertising options.

For professional customers, the Trimobil is the perfect rental tool for successful exhibitions and impressive presentations, as well as a mobile sales & information booth at fairing shows: At small upcharge, offer useful, universal fixation sets for companies' advertising banners and umbrellas.

We look forward to your inquiries and will soon offer your personal Trimobiles according to your special requirement. ASince our Trimobiles are made in Germany, we are also able to design & produce your individual accessoiries. Just let us know!



Price recommendations (Western Europe):

Trimobil E.Shuttle (3 adults, 2 pedaling units, incl. 36V pedelec drive): 79 - EUR / day (20.- EUR / hr)

Trimobil Shuttle (3 adults, 2 pedaling units, without pedelec drive): 59 - EUR / day (15.- EUR / hr)

For unforgettable events such as Weddings & Anniversaries, festivals, etc. also offer your customers some add-ons: transport your Trimobiles right to the spot and provide a smart "chauffeur". For example, in Germany, we charge per  kilometer (0.45 EUR / km), the hourly stuff fee is (30 EUR / hr.).